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NéoPass@ction study visit (Lyon, March 26-27-28th, 2013)

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etude neopass

The complete programme is available here.



  • Scotland: Moira Hulme
  • Estonia: Maria Jürimäe & Inga Kukk
  • Hungary: Marta Hunya
  • Slovenia: Simona Cajhen


  • Spain: Paula Jardon
  • Belgium: Virginie Jamin;
  • Switzerland: Valérie Lussi-Borer
  • France: Cyrille Gaudin


Context elements

Judging from the actual and global necessity to foster innovation concerning teachers’ training, Estonian and Scottish research teams solicited French colleagues of IFÉ-ENS de Lyon for collaborations on video-training issues, being aware of IFÉ’s work on these questions (thanks to last CIDREE event in France, November 2011). That is why, as a first milestone, we decided to organize an international study visit aiming to make European researchers and training device designers share their knowledge and practices about teachers video-training, and to present the design workflow of IFÉ’s NéoPass@ction platform.

Participants concerns

The participants filled in a form to explain their concerns and expectations towards this study visit: the results show that these are mostly about theory, methodology and, most of all, trainers training. Therefore, we ask within the NéoPass@ction Scientific Steering Group the most skilled persons in each of those topics to participate. Moreover, the study visit is planned during IFÉ’s national trainers’ training on video-training (March 27-28th), that will permit visitors to see how NéoPass@ction design is continued in trainer’s training on one hand, and in taking trainers’ feedbacks into account on the other hand, in order to understand how they use it in their everyday professional activity and what are their needs to design efficient training sessions.

Aim of the study visit

By explicating IFÉ’s NéoPass@ction design experience and mutualising different European design experiences or projects, the aim is to :

  • share different approaches and present to the visitors IFÉ’s scientific programme based on the analysis of real work activity of teachers
  • acculturate the visitors to IFÉ’s method of designing video-training resources, continued in the study of trainers and trainees’ uses
  • collectively discuss current, future and possible collaborations and studies about video-training to enrich each others and open new fields of research and resources conception


To do this, visitors will especially be precisely informed about the different and complementary tasks that have to be led together to ensure the coherence of the whole NéoPass@ction engineering.

At the end of the three days, in the final meeting, we will take stock of what the study visit has brought both to the visitors and to the hosts and imagine together a relevant form of follow-up to promote innovative teachers training devices such as video-training at a national and international scale (technology transfer, tutoring in training design, comparative studies on teaching intervention, on teachers’ training, etc.)

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